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LifeXMD – Testosterone Replacement Therapy-Scottsdale

Submitted by lifexmd on 26 - Nov - 2013 | Cateoriges : Testosterone Scottsdale

Tweet LifeXMD – Testosterone Replacement Therapy-Scottsdale Welcome to the LifeXMD Scottsdale location, an established national anti-aging and vitality center located in North Scottsdale, AZ. One of our specialty areas here at LifeXMD is testosterone replacement therapy, using bio-identical hormones specifically to meet your needs. Dr. Moneil Patel, our Scottsdale licensed

How Testosterone Affects Hair Growth

Submitted by lifexmd on 24 - Apr - 2014 | Cateoriges : Testosterone

Tweet Have you ever wanted to know how testosterone affects your body hair? This is an extremely funny and in-depth look at exactly what goes on in the body, along…


Submitted by lifexmd on 18 - Apr - 2014 | Cateoriges : Testosterone Replacement Therap

Tweet Justin Bieber talks about the rumors that many pop stars and rap artists are in the Illuminati. all around the world backwards HEY !! BEFORE YOU COMMENT ”YO…

Hormone Replacement | LifeXMD Scottsdale

Submitted by lifexmd on 15 - Apr - 2014 | Cateoriges : Testosterone Scottsdale

Tweet Hormone replacement questions answered by Dr. Stephen Graham of LifeXMD in Scottsdale, AZ. A frequent question doctor Graham is asked … Video Rating: 5 / 5