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LifeXMD – Testosterone Replacement Therapy-Scottsdale

Submitted by lifexmd on 26 - Nov - 2013 | Cateoriges : Testosterone Scottsdale

Tweet LifeXMD – Testosterone Replacement Therapy-Scottsdale Welcome to the LifeXMD Scottsdale location, an established national anti-aging and vitality center located in North Scottsdale, AZ. One of our specialty areas here at LifeXMD is testosterone replacement therapy, using bio-identical hormones specifically to meet your needs. Dr. Moneil Patel, our Scottsdale licensed

Obesity Caused by Hormone Disruptors Lowering Testosterone

Submitted by lifexmd on 19 - Sep - 2014 | Cateoriges : Testosterone Therapy Scottsdale

Tweet Obesity is a national epidemic and is slowly infecting the youngest in our population. A an alarming new report was just published that found 1 out of 5, four year old children are obese. This is up over 300% when compared to the 1980s, and considerably more are classified

DHEA – Does it Increase Testosterone Levels?

Submitted by lifexmd on 16 - Sep - 2014 | Cateoriges : Testosterone Therapy Scottsdale

Tweet The definition of DHEA is a multi-functional steroid to help reduce fatigue, improve mental states of thinking and comprehending, and improving overall well being. This hormone supplement is also a leading supporter in the fight against systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE). It is a steroid hormone that is produced by

Testosterone Use in Bodybuilding vs Replacement Therapy

Submitted by lifexmd on 10 - Sep - 2014 | Cateoriges : Testosterone Scottsdale

Tweet What are the doses of testosterone used for bodybuilding versus replacement therapies? Info about subcutaneous injections: This is the third in a series of videos chronicling my experience with testosterone replaceme… Video Rating: 4 / 5